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The Dogs of Mexico

Published Date: September 20, 2016

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In this noir literary thriller, former government agent Robert Bohnert has left the life behind—but it won’t leave him. Broken by the destruction of his family, he agrees to one last job—this time for the other side. When a “straightforward” diamond smuggling operation goes south—literally—Bohnert finds himself trekking through Mexico, pursued by killers, including a cross-dressing hit man, a psycho meth addict, and a fellow operative who was once a close friend. An unlikely love story complicates his flight when the woman who defects from his pursuers becomes the one person who might offer him salvation. The question becomes, ultimately, will they make it out of Mexico alive, and does the canister really contain diamonds, or is Robert being used to import an unimaginable horror into the U.S.?

“…(K)ill a few hours enjoying the suspense and human drama.” — Publishers Weekly

Author Information

I don’t usually write thrillers, but several years ago my wife at the time and I flew from Hartford, Connecticut into Mexico City. We rented a car and drove virtually every route Robert Bohnert takes in the novel. I had no idea what I was going to write about, only that I was fascinated by Mexico, the thin layer of Catholicism merging with the ancient beliefs and superstitions of the indigenous peoples. I made one hour of video for reference, then discovered that video tapes weren’t readily available. However, I made four additional hours of audio. After several false starts, the thriller genera seemed to more or less select itself.

I wrote a screenplay version and pitched it at a festival in Santa Monica, CA, but I was told flat out that anything to do with drugs was a no-no. So instead of drugs we have de Beers diamonds.

In addition to the Robert Bohnert trip, I’ve made several forays by car into Mexico: Acuña, Monterey, San Miguel de Allende, etc. I’ve found the people in the interior of Mexico to be a warm and generous people.


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